In 2010, the India Vaccinology Course or INDVAC, was implemented as an educational method to address the need for knowledge and research in the field of Vaccinology. Vaccines have been able to transform public health on an international level and have been an ever-present health concern specifically in the Global South. It is imperative for vaccinology professionals and researchers in medicine and science to study a comprehensive science of Vaccinology. This would improve the discourse and successful implementation of vaccines to all communities, including those that do not have appropriate access or information. INDVAC focuses on a regional understanding of vaccines by providing students of the course–professionals in the public health field–to improve their skills through the immunological and epidemiological training. INDVAC follows the framework of the Advanced Vaccinology Course (ADVAC) that is held every year in Annecy, France and also supports Global Health students to learn about innovation in research in regards to vaccinations.

Who can apply

Anyone working in the field of Vaccinology with knowledge of biology. The course is aimed at specialists in infectious diseases, microbiologists, virologists, paediatricians, physicians, research nurses, team members of vaccine trials, members of contract (or clinical) research organizations (CRO), vaccine industry professionals



Applications for the 2019 Course are closed.

Applications will be informed of their selection status July 15, 2019